Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday time

Here's hoping all your wishes and dreams come true - Happy Birthday today :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Mindy was given to me as a Mother's Day gift from my husband last year. She is five years old. She is a sweet kitty. One night Fluffy came in through the pet door (3a.m.) and discovered that we now have Si AND Mindy. Mindy chased Fluffy throughout the house until I got up and opened the back door sliding glass door to jump the fence to freedom. I think I see a pattern going on here. Mindy likes playing hide and seek. Can you see her tail? Besides guarding our house from Fluffy she loves chasing geickos.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blue and Pepper

Aren't they cute! They stayed with me for awhile last year. My cats didn't bother the birds the whole time they were here. I found out how many neighborhood cats there were when I put them outside, though. Birds are cool!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Si meets Fluffy

Let me introduce you to Fluffy. She is the neighbor's cat that lives three houses down on the east side of me. I found out that her real name is TC but I call her Fluffy. During the winter the neighbors let her fur grow out but in summer time they shave her. Last year they shaved to look like a poodle. And they wonder why she chooses to stay at my house??!!
When we bought this house( in little over two years now ), we installed pet door for our cat, Si, to come in and out of the house. You know how cats are. Sleep all day - get up and eat - sleep alot more - get up and eat - and sleep some more. Then the night comes and its time to check out the neighborhood. In Si's adventures of the new neighborhood he met Fluffy.
Si, not a friendly cat, attracted Fluffy. He is very handsome and I guess to a cutey like Fluffy must have been charming. So Fluffy started coming over to my house .... alot! I'd leave the back door open and bring in the groceries. Fluffy would come in and sit on the dryer and watch me. When I'd leave the back sliding glass door open, Fluffy would come in and help herself to Si's food. Never once did I ever see her use the pet door.
I use to work night shift 7pm to 7am. My husband worked dayshift. One night my husband woke up to Si sitting on the end of the bed doing one of those low growling meows. He looked at the clock - 2am. He told Si to shut up. Being Siamese and all and male, Si kept growling. So my husband got up. It didn't take long to find the problem. Fluffy had come in the pet door. My husband told me later that this must have been a booty call. I can't imagine how he would know what that word must mean since we are old and all. But anyway...
He clapped his hands to scare away Fluffy. When he did both Si and Fluffy rushed to the pet door .... and both got stuck in the door.
My husband was not about to stick his hands down there with two cats, Fluffy with claws and Si hissing. He told me Si and Fluffy eventually worked themselves out the door.
No sleeping on Dumbar Street, again!