Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Art

We are ready! My husband and I made the food for tomorrow. He calls it Super Bowl Art. It takes about an hour to make (with two of us). It's good - It's fattening and it's only for very special occasions.
On the bottom is: (makes two)
16 oz. Sour Cream mixed together with 16 oz Philly Cream Cheese and 2 packages of Taco Seasonings
Next is: one pound cooked good (not the cheap stuff) hamburger spread evenly on both plates
then chop one big onion - sprinkle evenly on both
chop lettuce real fine and cover both
then grate 2 - 8 oz bars of cheddar cheese spread evenly on both
two fresh tomatoes - cut into small pieces and then spread of top
1 large can of pitted olives - cut into slices and spread on top
the nacho sliced jalapenos as desired spread on top of all this
then last but not least is...... Parmesan cheese sprinkled on both
cover and refrigerate for awhile
**********GO CARDINALS**********

This is the radio station that Arizona listens to:

Friday, January 30, 2009


If you don't know by now.... The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl! Woohoo! Last year we hosted the Super Bowl in Glendale in our brand new stadium. No one ever thought "we" would be one of the teams playing in the Super Bowl ..... since we never - ever have in the history of football. Soooo Arizonans are really excited. There are billboards ( I need to take some pictures of them). There are people selling Cardinal "goodies" on street corners. All the clerks in the grocery stores are wearing Cardinal gear :) People drive around with Cardinal flags on their vehicles.
Anyway.... to my point. My husband and I wanted a Cardinal jersey, of course. We didn't want one of those cheap ones with the iron on numbers. We found a guy on Phoenix's Craigslist selling them for a price we could afford. We bought two of them and had them shipped Priority Mail.
........ My husband calls me this morning and asks: "Are you wearing your Cardinals Jersey right now?" I said: "Yes, of course!" "Well, guess what?"
My husband told me that the FBI just arrested some guy in Surprise, Arizona selling counterfeit jerseys on Craigslist. I watched the news and found out that's the same guy. I am wearing a counterfeit jersey - oops!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whipped Cream Wednesday

I love Whipped Cream in my coffee in the morning. Every morning I bang my spoon in the coffee cup and everyone knows it's whipped cream time. Bandit is always there first - then Trixie and then Si...... Mindy, my Himalayan Siamese, likes whipped cream but not enough to leave the comforts of her nap.
This morning I thought I'd try to take a picture of them with their whipped cream. It is much harder than I thought. I got one good picture and a lot of bad pictures.
Doesn't it look like she is foaming at the mouth? Can you imagine me walking her around the neighborhood like this? People already cross the street to not have to walk by her ( and she is only a puppy).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's gone

This is what is left of my orange tree :( My husband has the day off today. He decided he would do the prep work for the driveway addition. Cutting down the orange tree was not really part of the plans but.... I was in the house getting ready for the day and came outside - this is what I saw :( AND.... Bandit did not howl and Trixie did not bark! They are "Daddy's" girls. The cats would have told me if they weren't sleeping.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Someone call 911 there's a ......

I was in the office, on the computer, of course ( I seem to be in here a lot). Loud howling sounds are echoing through the house. Bandit only barks or howls when it's something important :) Trixie, my little barker, barks at everything. My two cats nap ( about 23 hours).
Howling.... Loud Howling.... I follow the sound to one of the bathrooms and find Bandit howling at the rug shampooer in the bathtub. Normally I leave it outside to remind the dogs that 1. If the rug shampooer comes in the house, someone is in trouble! 2. If the rug shampooer comes in the house, everyone goes outside and the dog door is shut!
Last night I had to use the rug shampooer. I didn't feel like putting it back outside. So I put it in the bathtub - I forgot it was in there. Bandit found it!
Bandit saying... "Mom, I found it! I found that big bad thing!" Hoooowwwwl "Someone please call 911 there's a rug shampooer in the bathtub" Hoooowwwwl

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Bird Sighting :)

ummm Daddy's Cardinal shirt does not fit. I wonder if the Cardinals could use another running back - this dog can run! ..... and dig ...... and howl ....... and eat............
I was trying to get a feel of what "size" Bandit is. Bandit is now 5 months old and well over 55 pounds. The manufacturers make cute things for my little Papillon, Trixie. They make nothing for a growing Rottweiler!
After the two guys come to give me estimates for the new driveway, ( because we can't fit three big trucks on the current driveway) I going to head out to find proper Cardinal attire for the BIG day!
I love being retired. I finally get to take care of the fun things in my life.
God's Blessings to all **

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bird Watching :) Arizona Style

We have a lot of sighting of Cardinals in the Phoenix area right now. Out and about today, I saw them everywhere. I heard though, that there is a huge flock of them over in Glendale.

I even found a Cardinal in my own driveway.
And one in my house, too. Bird watching is so much fun!

Look! It's Sprinkling :)

I took the camera out this morning in my front yard. I was snapping pictures when I heard sounds right above me. On the top of the street light was a Dove .... Today is a bit cooler ( 76 degrees) with a few sprinkles of rain. I Love Rain! Or Sprinkles!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who did it? Wednesday

There were ***SEVENTEEN*** holes out in the backyard this morning. I'm not mentioning names but .... someone or something is out diggin holes in my back yard every night and hiding dog toys. As you can see - someone or something is taking lemon off my tree and burying them. ummmmm

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trust In The Lord

I use to voice my very strong opinions on my blog. I figured it's "my" blog! I would reread the posting and then delete it. I'd think.... does anyone really care what I think?

I have eight grandchildren! I am so proud of all of them. None of these wonderful children were ever considered being aborted. Which gets me to my point.... The first thing on the new president's agenda is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). There are so many things that need to be addressed, our economy, our jobs, the mortgage crises, etc. There is no way a Christ Believing - Born Again President could sign this Act. But that is not what was voted in as President for the USA.

Was he voted in just because he is "black" ??? The media ( don't even get me started on the media) had him portrayed as a messiah. :( As he is sworn in today, I remember to "trust in the Lord." God has a plan!

Above is a picture of one of my grand daughters playing the piano during their church service. I am blessed!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm home! I flew into LAX Friday. He drove me up to Simi Valley to pick up the truck. We bought the truck through the internet. It turned out to be a fast and easy experience. He ( the seller of the truck) suggested that I go see the Ronald Reagan Library. It was less than a mile from where I was. So I did! Wow - what an amazing place!
They have the retired Air Force One, Marine One, and motorcade enclosed in a glass hanger. Air Force One was suspended up off the ground. I had my picture taken at the entry of Air Force One ( it was only $12). They had among many other things the complete replica of the Oval Room when Ronald Reagan was President. When I entered into that room, it made me catch a breath. I felt like I was really there! The last stop on the tour was the burial site. I remember watching and seeing this on tv. Respect - comes to mind when remembering the visit this library - memorial.
Then I headed downtown to Universal Studios. I wanted to add to my Hard Rock collection. When I (finally) got there I found out that you had to pay $12 to park. So I drove up to Valet parking.... took one look at the "guys" at your service in Valet and said: "he$%, no you're not touching my brand new truck" and drove off. I took some pictures while I was driving away.
It was too late by then to go to the ocean. I headed for Palm Springs. hehehehe I can laugh now but... Silly me! It was late afternoon, Friday, Holiday Weekend traffic and all headed OUT of LA just like I was trying to do. On top of that, I was driving a truck I was not familiar with. The navigation system sound was not on. So I had to look down to see where I was AND it seemed that every time I looked down I had missed a turn. I was so lost!
By 6pm I hadn't eaten all day. I stopped off at a Inn-and-out. We have those in Arizona too. And then tried to get back on the Interstate. hehehehe They don't have exits and entrys at the same place. Finally getting back on I10 - I was so tired! I saw the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa in some town starting with a C and stopped for the night. Nice place!
Next morning, I tried to remember what all the buttons in the truck do. I figured out the noise in the truck. I had the moon roof open the whole day yesterday with the shade closed - no wonder it was so loud in there. hehehe And I figured out the the gas pedal "thingy" - it was on high. I lowered it. My legs hurt so bad yesterday. And I figured out how to change the radio - xm system. The trip home on Saturday went better and faster. I passed everyone. I had that truck going 90 plus. (DON'T tell my husband)!!!
The problem is - we now own 3 trucks and will be fighting over who gets to drive the "new" one! hehehe Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 15, 2009

LAX tomorrow - "me"

Things changed! I am flying into LAX tomorrow by myself. The people who we bought the truck from will meet me at the airport and take me to the truck (at their house). From there, "I" drive the new truck home. Woo hoo! Me!
My husband had Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, but.... Today they told him he was mandated to work. That also means the grandkids won't get to see the ocean ( this time).
I am excited.... and nervous.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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They got "critters" at Costco

Yesterday, I was out and about looking for the new office furniture. Among the many stores I went to was Costco Home. I didn't find any furniture but... I did find these cool looking "critters" for the new block fence we had put up last year. I took pictures of them to show my husband when he got home. While in the the store taking the pictures, the clerk asked me questions about where I would put them. I was thinking the "critters" around the pool and the big sun out on the front of the house. She said: "Boy, your house will stand out from the rest." I started laughing! I showed her the pictures I had taken of houses in my neighborhood. After she saw all of them (especially the "fish" house), "Where do you live?" I told her. Her eyes got big and said.... :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Neighborhood

These are some more houses in my neighborhood. I drove around this morning and took some pictures. I hope my neighbors don't mind. This is the big house on the corner. I didn't get a very clear picture of it. I'll have to try it again a different time of day and use the Nikon.
This house is one block South of the "big" house. It is built into the ground with dirt and then the small peek-a-boo roof on top. Very unique house!

Also in my neighborhood is this "shamrock" house. Everything is shades of green. See the shamrocks in the shutters? Cute little house!

Right next door to the "Shamrock" house is the "Cactus" house. Yes! There is a house behind all the cactus. I know these neighbors. I've bought some cactus from him for my house. The backyard to this house is.... I'm at lost for words. Jungle - ?? Every inch of the backyard is covered with trees, cactus, plants, stuff. Amazing!

This is the side of the "Cactus" house. This entry goes into a greenhouse. All these house are just North of me a little bit. Remember the "Fish" house? Well, that is just North of me ( a little bit, too) Each house here is quite different from the rest. I consider my house as one of the "normal" ones. But looking at these, I kind of wonder about my perception of normal?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bandit Loves Movies!

The other night we were watching Gladiator on HBO. Bandit jumped up on the love seat and watched it too. When it got to the part when they released the lions (during the movie), Bandit barked and barked and barked. You can see Si sleeping through the movie. Bandit likes cats but I guess NOT lions!

Location! Location! Location!

Because of the yard sale.... I have "Prime" Real Estate in the office room :) This room is 15 by 15. The old antique map cabinet was sold at the yard sale - on top of that sat the plasma tv. Now the plasma is up on one of the walls. Three new coordinating desks will go in here. (One for his computer, one for my computer, and one for the laptop)
Now the big question is: Should I paint the room a color? I've never painted before. And... If I paint it, what color? And ... If I do decide a color (I Love Browns), can I get it done before we go to California this weekend? ummmm We'll see.
Here's the before.

California - Here We Come!

It's done! We picked the truck in California. We put $2,000 down to hold it until we can drive to California and buy it out right. The grandkids came over last night. They want to go to California, too. They have never seen the ocean sooo it's looks like we'll have a truck full when we drive over to pick this beautiful truck up. It's in LA area - so about a 6 hour drive. If the grandkids really get to go, we'll spend a couple hours playing in the ocean - then eat "lunch" on the pier - then head for Palm Springs to spend the night. It will be a blast! I am so excited.
You're thinking.... "Couldn't you find a truck in Arizona?" Yes, but not like this one. $47,000 worth of bells and whistles! Now we'll have three trucks in the driveway. Looks like we'll have to do some driveway reconstruction.
So California Here We Come!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full Moon Tonight

We had a yard sale Friday and Saturday from 8am until 1pm. Our yard sale was so successful on Friday we had to rush around the house to find some things to sell on Saturday, too. We have our yearly yard sale every winter because it's too hot during the summer. 70 degrees is perfect! We sold so many things that it emptied 3/4 of the 11 foot by 24 foot "barn" in the backyard. Woohoo! That means .... the "stuff" in the office can go out there AND we can put in new office furniture. Double Woohoo!
This is the full moon tonight at the end of this very busy and productive day. Isn't it beautiful! One of God's many Blessings!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shiny New Truck

I really like this one! And it's in California.
We have bids on this truck. It's in Oregon.

We have bids on this one too. It's in Illinios.

This is the truck in Florida we missed out on. I can't believe we can't find one in Arizona??