Monday, January 12, 2009

California - Here We Come!

It's done! We picked the truck in California. We put $2,000 down to hold it until we can drive to California and buy it out right. The grandkids came over last night. They want to go to California, too. They have never seen the ocean sooo it's looks like we'll have a truck full when we drive over to pick this beautiful truck up. It's in LA area - so about a 6 hour drive. If the grandkids really get to go, we'll spend a couple hours playing in the ocean - then eat "lunch" on the pier - then head for Palm Springs to spend the night. It will be a blast! I am so excited.
You're thinking.... "Couldn't you find a truck in Arizona?" Yes, but not like this one. $47,000 worth of bells and whistles! Now we'll have three trucks in the driveway. Looks like we'll have to do some driveway reconstruction.
So California Here We Come!


Frank Baker said...

I'm happy you got the truck of your wishes. It's a real beauty. Have a good trip to California and keep safe.

deedee said...

Thank You. You know, I've bought many new vehicles. Each time I feel like a kid with a brand new toy:)