Saturday, January 3, 2009

Van Buren Street Phoenix Arizona

9 years ago I quit my job, sold my house, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Was that a crazy thing to do? Yessiree! I moved from a tiny little town in one of those "cold" states. The town had only nine streets. I use to walk with my cat (unleashed) to the post office to pick up the mail kind of town. The town had one gas station, one bank, one restaurant, one elementary school and one stop light. Well....
I reserved an apartment online sight unseen. I had a huge yard sale and sold most all my things. I gave away what didn't fit in the UHaul. With my Jeep attached on the back and two cats in the cab of the UHaul .... away we went. Arizona here we come!
I didn't know much about Phoenix except for it was the capitol of Arizona. It was a long trip!
I arrived at the apartment I had rented in advance online - it was on Van Buren Street. I found a job. When I was asked "Where do you live?" - I said "Oh, over on Van Buren Street."
After I had answered, everyone gasped, their eyes got big, and they all laughed ( hard, loud hold your stomach type laughing).
"You live on Van Buren Street?" Yessiree! What I didn't know was.... that's "THE" street where the hookers walk and do their business.
I moved before my lease was up.
I collect postcards - lots of postcards! ( I'm guessing 50,000 or more) Yesterday I ran across a stack of postcards at a yard sale. In there was a motel postcard on Van Buren Street. Above are my Van Buren Street postcards so far. Memories!


Frank Baker said...

Very interesting. Have you ever counted the number of times this street changes it's name as it runs east and west though out the Valley?

Frank Baker said...

I forgot to mention the Mexican Blackeyed Pea dish worked out great except we had run out of chips, so Cloody broke-up some taco shells and heated them.