Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Art of Cat Juggling

My hubby (as if he doesn't have enough to do) has taken yard work jobs on Sundays (his one and only day off). He works as a letter carrier the other 6 days. He rarely gets to come home after just 8 hours on that job. ................. will get to the story:
One of the jobs he did this last Sunday, had weeds over 6 feet tall. Not just a few weeds - the whole yard was weeds front to back, side to side! He took pictures of the mess. He worked on it for a while ( 6 large trash bags full). He told the lady he would have to come back next week to finish it. He had several more jobs he had to finish that day.
On to the next job which proved to be even more of a mess than the first one! He spent 3 1/2 hours digging up dead bougainvilleas - oh my! He came home covered in scratches and blood.
He also takes care of the neighbors yard that is two doors down. Then he mowed ours. Needless to say he was tired.
So Monday at the post office, his boss came up to him and asked (just to be friendly) "How are you today?" Hubby said to his boss "Not so good. I've taken on a second job on my day off. I juggle cats." He showed his boss all the blood scratches. The boss in a serious tone of voice said "They still do that?"
The boss honestly thinks people JUGGLE CATS (for a living)! I laughed so hard.
Hubby answered saying "They fired me. I'm not very good at it." The boss went on his way to do "other boss things."
Hope this brighten your day - need a good laugh? Think Cat Juggling :)