Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Breather - Happy Thanksgiving

I'm going to take a breather from my cookie jars for awhile. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We are going celebrate Thanksgiving in Queen Creek. Home cooking!
By the way..... Bandit, yesterday, discovered the toilet paper. Yes siree! With toilet paper in her teeth, she came running toward me. Since that was a new roll of toilet paper, it unrolled the length of the house and then some. She was so proud. Like saying to me... Look Mom, look what I found!
Happy Thanksgiving to all

Hull Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Jar

Cookie jar books are good to read for: who makes them, their marks, years of manufactured, etc. They list prices - My opinion is: It is only worth as much as someone will pay for it! This is Hull's Little Red Riding Hood. It has an open basket and three poinsettias. Supposedly it is worth $600 in the book. You wouldn't catch me paying that much for a cookie jar.

John Deere Tractor Cookie Jar

I had two John Deere tractor cookie jars but.... the other one broke. It is different from this one. Glued back together it really didn't look good. So I am currently looking for the "other" one.

Grinch Who Stole Christmas Cookie Jar

Personally, I think this is an ugly cookie jar. But... here it is ( in my living room).

Cat in a Basket Cookie Jars

You wouldn't believe how many cat cookie jars I have. You know... I give these things away, I sell them, and there are still more of them. By the way, that reminds me.... remember the kitten I found in my aloe vera? I found a home for it by that same evening. Lucky me!

Treasure Craft Cow jumped over the Moon Cookie Jar

Cute cookie jar but bad picture. The colors are more vibrant that it shows.

Treasure Craft Humpty Dumpty Cookie Jar

This is made by Treasure Craft. He looks at bit like the Cow jumped over the Moon cookie jar that Treasure Craft makes too.

Twin Winton Elephant Cookie Jar

This is the Twin Winton Elephant cookie jar and matching salt and pepper shakers. I had the cookie jar for a couple years. This year my husband found the matching salt and pepper shakers at a yard sale. He only paid 50 cent for both. They both even have their stoppers.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coyote & Cactus Cookie Jars

If you live in the Southwest, you gotta have a cactus cookie jar and a coyote cookie jar. The Cactus cookie jar has the matching salt and pepper shakers.

Pot O' Cookies Cookie Jar

This one was bought at auction. Unusual - very small - still has paper label on bottom - cute

Noah's Ark Cookie Jar

I bought this cookie jar out in Queen Creek for $1. This is a large one so it is not displayed. Susan Winget is the maker.

Crusin' Cats Cookie Jar / 57 Chevy

This cookie jar is my second favorite of all. I have the salt and pepper shakers too. It is so cute I wanted to show off all sides. I bought this on ebay.

VW Love Bug Cookie Jar

VW Love Bug cookie jar.... so cute!!!

Betty Boop Cookie Jar

This cookie jar was bought at the Goodwill. It is my only Betty Boop cookie jar so far.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Winnie the Pooh FTD Cookie Jar

This had one of those Happy Birthday FTD flower arrangements in it. I think that's a cool idea. You can actually keep using the jar.

Cupcake Cookie Jar

This cookie jar is huge. It's one of those that is out in a box in the shed because .... it's just too big. And there is only so much room for all the stuff ( laughing as I type) in this house!

Grimace Cookie Jar

This is Grimace on Sesame Street .... cookie jar.

Cat with Fish Cookie Jar

I got the salt and pepper shakers as a Christmas gift several years ago. My husband found the matching cookie jar for me. Cute! Aren't they?

Ice Cream Cone Cookie Jars

Anyone for some ice cream? These are cookie jars too.

Santa Fe Train Cookie Jar

I forgot when I listed my Lionel train cookie jars about this one. This is a Santa Fe train cookie jar and I also have the salt and pepper shakers to match. My daughter would say... "Mom, it's ok. You have half-timer disease." :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Power Puff Cookie Jar

I buy some cookie jars to have around that the grandkids will recognize and enjoy. This is the Power Puff girls. Go Power! Go Girls!

Wells Fargo Cookie Jar

I found this cookie jar at a yard sale for $10. The man said his four year old grandson trys to play with it when he comes over. Afraid of breaking it, the "grandfather" decided to sell it. ummm
I wanted to tell him that I have over 450 cookie jars on display all over the house and my grandchildren show respect for the "breakable" ...... but didn't.

Clay Art Golf Bag Cookie Jar

My son and his family went to the swap mart out on the West side of Phoenix. He was looking for tools. Along with the tools he found, he found this cookie jar for $5. It is made by Clay Art. My husband loves to golf so .... my son bought it for him for Father's Day. Cool gift!

Clay Art Millennium 2000 Cookie Jar

This Millennium cookie jar is made by Clay Art. It celebrates the year 2000.

Coffee Pot Cookie Jars

The two at the top are McCoys. You can see they are similiar but one is a coffee pot and the other is hot chocolate. The next one down is a Treasure Craft. Following that is a Twin Winton and a American Bisque.

Nestle Toll House Cookie Jar

I bought this one at Wal-Mart for $10. It is the Nestle's Toll House cookie jar.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Sky Carver Harley O'hare Cookie Jar

This cookie jar was bought at the Goodwill. It is not listed on Big Sky's web site. I haven't seen one on ebay. Anyone know anything about this cookie jar?

Metlox Rose Cookie Jar

This is my very favorite cookie jar. It holds small bars of soap in my bathroom.

Kent Feed Cookie Jars

My husband found these at a yard sale. I don't know anything about Kent feed. They go in the cabinet with the tractors, barns, chickens, and cow cookie jars.

Treasure Craft Sugar & Spice Cookie Jars

I found these at the Armadillo Antique mall. Someone was using "Sugar" as their grease jar. I cleaned her up and found she was in perfect condition. What a find! Finding "Spice" was just as amazing because I only paid $20 for both. On ebay they run from $75 to $100 each.

Red Hat Society Cookie Jar

I use this Red Hat Society cookie jar in the bedroom. During Christmastime, I put out my expensive Christmas cookie jars. I guess I should get started on that.

Reno Hilton Cookie Jar

I use this cookie jar in the game room. It is from the Reno Hilton. It holds candy for the kids and adults :)

Treasure Craft Blender & Coffee Pot

My husband bought these from the Goodwill. These two are both made by Treasure Craft. I actually use both in my kitchen. Most are in display cabinets.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Avon Bear Cookie Jar

I found this Avon bear cookie jar at an antique shop in Scottsdale, AZ. There are two Antique malls side by side up on Scottsdale Road. Ocassionally, I go there and just look around. Rarely do I ever leave without buying something :)