Monday, November 17, 2008

amazing electronic thing

I didn't know you could play old 33, 45, and 78s and download to a cd through your computer. My husband saw the Fry's Electronic ad this morning and saw this record player for only $79. He wants me to go through the 5,000 45s he bought Saturday and download favorite ones.

Seems like all his wants causes a lot of work for me. ummm no one has answered my ad on craigslist: Free Husband

** If you buy this, it does NOT tell you on the box that you have to have "amplified" speakers. Most people do not have an amplifier hooked up to their computers. The connection in this unit is not the correct one used to connect a amplified speaker too. (It has to have one red and one white on each end).

I happened to have the correct connectors. I connected this to my small Aiwa stereo. It works fine this way.

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