Sunday, February 14, 2010

Before/After ...almost

Remember when I posted this picture way back in May of last year? No..... well, that's ok. We have been working on this area as time allowed. You all told me that you had one of these neglected areas - it made me feel better. It's that side of the house where we never go. So with all the projects going on, this area kept being pushed aside for other things.

This is what that side looks like today. We still have a lot more to do. The stones will continue down to the sidewalk with a big planter around the palm tree. Lots more plants to plant ...... Didn't want you think I was just laying around enjoying our 78 degree weather!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


This is what caused all the "news" for the last three days on ALL the news channels here in Phoenix. This is what happened......
The young guy that owns this house had a dead pine tree in his back yard. He asked his friends to cut it down for him - the payment was a couple six packs of beer. The house owner went to work. They, "the friends" cut the tree ...... well, part of the tree. The friends put a spot light towards "it" so the home owner wouldn't miss it. Spotlight? Well, the home owner works night shift.
It's been two weeks since the tree was cut. The home owner wanted to get it completely cut down but.... When asked why he hasn't taken care of it, he said he's had to deal with his house being robbed. I know all about that! My house got robbed a year and a half ago - it took forever to fill out all the insurance papers!
Sooooo the home owner has a partially cut down tree, his house robbed, and the neighbor complaining constantly to the city and the news. During the news interviews the home owner is "taking it in stride." The tree will come down today - all the tree!
I was on the five o'clock news last night. My moment of "fame" was brief and will not be going national or on YouTube! ask what my opinion was on the interview? I was the only one interviewed that thought it was funny :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Like Daughter, Like Mother .......

Looks like my daughter won't be the only one in the news lately...... Yesterday on the news I saw this piece of "news" about one neighbor complaining about what his neighbor put in their backyard. The news didn't show what it was. But... they did show the street sign of where it was. I called hubby and told him about it. When hubby got off work, we drove over to check it out.
Hubby called me this morning to go over and take some pictures before the city makes them cut it down. In my "jammies" ..... hair NOT combed..... teeth NOT brushed ..... had put on a old jacket that had dog/cat hair ( looked like a homeless person) I drove over to take a couple pictures.
There was the news team interviewing the neighbor across the street that had complained. I waited in my truck - I did NOT want to be on the news!
When the reporter was done, I got out of my truck and started snapping pictures. The reporter noticed me, of course, I was the only one out there. The reporter asked my opinion and said she really want to have me on TV. I explained that I hadn't combed my hair, brushed my teeth, and HAD on my jammies! She said "Oh that's ok.... I'll only take the interview from the shoulders up. Lots of begging.......... I agreed.
It will be on tonight's news. When I called hubby, he said "I wonder if this will go national?"
The horror of that hadn't crossed my mind when I did the interview.
As I type this post I'm thinking it could go worldwide on YouTube.
I really don't want to be remembered as the lady who......
I'll tell you tomorrow how my interview went - might even post a picture of the "thing" in the neighbor's backyard ;)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is my daughter's friend , Lori :)
This is the bakery.

Yesterday I was checking my phone for calls. It said my daughter left me a message, soooooo I called her. I left a message. At 8:30 last night she called me back. "Mom, you called me?" asked my daughter. "Yes, I did. I have a message on my phone that you have good news." She laughs and says, "Mom that is an old message. The good news is that the Denver Post is posting an article about the bakery." "It's still going to be in Thursday's paper?" I asked. She said, "Yes. Mom do you know how to find it in the paper online?"
I go to the computer and proceed to follow her instructions to find the area where the article will be. I find it AND I find the article about the bakery. "Did you know it was in Today's paper?" I asked. "Oh no" she said. They were going to get lots of the papers tomorrow when it was published. I told my daughter I let her go. She needed to call Lori, her friend and let her know.
These are two of the three pictures they published in the paper. The first one is Lori. They did not take any pictures of my daughter :( The article consisted of questions and answers the reporter asked at the interview at the bakery.
I am so proud of both of them.