Monday, November 23, 2009

In Memory of Si 3-22-92 to 11-22-09

My daughter and her husband were living in Denver. They both worked at King Soopers. Her husband found a Siamese cat in the parking lot of the grocery store. He brought it home to my daughter who loves cats! My daughter was pregnant at the time with their first child. Their first child was born in February. The cat was also pregnant and had a litter in March.
Beings they lived in a apartment that did not allow pets..... they gave me the kittens. They were all so cute! I found homes for two of them.
I kept the other two.
As indoor cats only, they were in charge! What delightful, fun, loving cats! When I brought them to Arizona, it was the first time they had seen the outdoors. I lived in an apartment on the third floor. They would go out on the balcony and sleep on the patio chairs. I got married. We moved into the little house in Tempe. The cats loved sleeping on the back of the couch. There was a large window in the living room and plenty of birds for them to watch (supervise).
At age thirteen, Sally - Si's sister got very sick and died. I think I cried for six months.
We sold that house and moved to where we are now. The first day I brought Si to our new home.... I brought him inside, opened the cat carrier, he ran. He ran into the sliding glass door. I opened it to show him it was a door. Out the door he went and over the fence ............. oh no! This was his first time at the new house and his first time outside.
Hubby and I were both so worried. We live close to an main hiway. Four days later he came home. ohhhhhhhhhh!
After awhile we introduced him to the backyard. He loved investigating all the things back there. We put a cat door in the pool bathroom. He could come and go as he pleased. He stayed only in the backyard. When we got Bandit a year ago, Si decided maybe the front yard would be better. Si would jump the fence to go sleep under the palm tree in the front yard. Fluffy and Buttercup, the neighbors cats, would join Si during the day sleeping under the palm tree.
During the night Si would sleep inside on the back of the couch. I don't know why that one night he was out by the hiway. They say... sometimes cats know when it's "their time." I got that call at 1:30am.
Hubby and I really didn't think Si would make it. But he did. His face had healed. His fur had grown back. He limped a little with his back leg. Around his eye had been scratched - he had problems seeing. But he was back enjoying the backyard again. Sleeping in the house at night and sleeping on the back patio in the warm sun during the day.
Yesterday morning, I had fed Si. The dogs were being rowdy in the house so I threw them both outside and put Si outside too. I fixed hubby and I breakfast. Later, when I went outside to check on the dogs and Si................

We buried Si yesterday.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Special Note:

For those of you that follow my blog: My son-in-law is in Iraq - he was not at Ft. Hood during the time of the shooting. My daughter and grand daughter, although live in that area, were not on base at the time of the shooting. My family in Texas is ok.
I know I haven't been on my blog lately - life is taking it's "twists" and "turns." Whatever the outcome, God has a plan - a good plan!