Tuesday, September 29, 2009

O is for Oreo

I know.... I know... It's Tuesday but I really have been SO busy. The Labor Day Party and then the company, :( then the new landscaping on the side of the house started, then the new pool remodel needs to be repaired :( ........... oh, and my birthday. Thank you all for the wonderful comments.
So today on Tuesday (sorry) O is for Oreo. I learned (I hope) not to say in front of my hubby that I really like something or I always wanted something. That is not a bad thing but..... when we first got married, I said I really like cactus. So hubby, being a new hubby to me, rushed out and bought cactus. At that tiny little house that I posted about for my "T" I had THOUSANDS of cactus.
I mentioned that I always wanted a cookie jar collection. I was thinking 20 cookie jars would be cool. Five years ago I STOPPED counting at 450. In the cookie jar collection are many Oreo cookie jars..... still unopened with the tags.
People ask me what I call the decorating in my house. Modern?... Traditional?... Country?.... nope, I call it comical :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

P is for Present "Birthday Present"

Yesterday, we drove up to Sedona to celebrate my birthday. The weather was Perfect! We shopped .... hubby (who doesn't really like shopping) found this ring for me. I was so surprised! First of all, he does not like the shopping part AND he doesn't like the spending money part BUT... he found this ring. He asked me if I liked it. I love Sapphires! It has a silver setting with turquoise on each side. What is there not to like???
So P is for Present ... birthday present from hubby :) woohoo!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank You, Deb :)

http://ladybugfromtexas.blogspot.com/ I was reminded today that others need our help. Please check out the link. I don't know this person but I do know .... when there have been lots and lots and lots (and lots) of very rough times, the person(s) who stepped up to help me, are the one(s) I still remember to this day!
I sent one this morning - sure hope it brightens her day! God Bless!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Bandit

Today is Bandit's first birthday. Yes, it's been a year of: chewed up dog toys, throw rugs, pillows, blankets, lawn furniture cushions, antique pillow case, two dining room chairs, the pool bathroom, lazy boy chair AND countless plants and holes in the back yard. AND.... the living room window that she went through while barking at a small black kitten.
She'll probably add 20 more pounds to her now 100 pounds when she's done growing. She is a BIG DOG!
We bought her almost a year ago after our house got broken into and robbed. I picked her out and brought her home in a baby blanket. In the beginning she fit the cat door that was installed in the pool bathroom door. Now she uses an extra large pet door. The bathroom ::::shaking head:::: needs to be remodeled. We'll do that when she's finished growing up.
She loves to sneak up on the bed. It's really easy to know when a 100 pound dog is on the bed though :) She knows "sit" and "down" and "gimme paw" and her favorite "bye, bye." We can throw snacks at her from across the room and she catches them almost every time.
Oh my goodness .... when she barks, it is LOUD. The whole neighborhood is protected when she barks. But then again.... some of the things she barks at, well, are hilarious. I have a calendar on the wall by my desk. The calendar has pictures of Papillons - she barks at it every day. At night time when we turn on the lights in the game room, she barks at the reflections of the neon lights. Dogs can be so funny sometimes.
The last two weeks I've been training Trixie and Bandit to walk together on leashes at the same time. So far it is going ok. These are short walks in the alley where there are mininal distractions. We walked a bit farther yesterday. We walked by some doctor offices that were all glass. Bandit started to have a barking fit. I looked over and saw she was barking at her reflection in the glass.
So here we start year two. The first year was priceless ..... well, beside all the things she destroyed LOL.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Q is for Quik Trip

My favorite gas station is Quik Trip. Today gas is at $2.59. They have everything in there..... most important :) you can get a drink. No, not just any drink. They have this huge fountain with everything you can imagine. And... my favorite :) you can mix the drinks. Here is a link on how and what to put in your drink to give it that extra kick! http://www.quiktrip.com/drinks/products_RECIPES.asp
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Barbie went postal?

Hubby is a letter carrier - Today we got the monthly letter carrier magazine. Sometimes they have some cool stuff in there. I was going to save it for my "P" word but ..... couldn't wait that long. How about that! Barbie's gone postal!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

R is for Ready Rotty

I have not had a chance to post my R on Monday until today (Wednesday). The company left yesterday with more coming in a week and a half from now. This is Bandit with her life jacket on. She is trying to entice someone to come out to the pool and play with her. Everyone thought she was adorable. They did not see the Lazy Boy chair she ripped to shreds yesterday after everyone left. Oh that dog!
This is Bandit ready to play. Me...... I am ready for a vacation. (or moving and not telling anyone our new address :)
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