Tuesday, September 29, 2009

O is for Oreo

I know.... I know... It's Tuesday but I really have been SO busy. The Labor Day Party and then the company, :( then the new landscaping on the side of the house started, then the new pool remodel needs to be repaired :( ........... oh, and my birthday. Thank you all for the wonderful comments.
So today on Tuesday (sorry) O is for Oreo. I learned (I hope) not to say in front of my hubby that I really like something or I always wanted something. That is not a bad thing but..... when we first got married, I said I really like cactus. So hubby, being a new hubby to me, rushed out and bought cactus. At that tiny little house that I posted about for my "T" I had THOUSANDS of cactus.
I mentioned that I always wanted a cookie jar collection. I was thinking 20 cookie jars would be cool. Five years ago I STOPPED counting at 450. In the cookie jar collection are many Oreo cookie jars..... still unopened with the tags.
People ask me what I call the decorating in my house. Modern?... Traditional?... Country?.... nope, I call it comical :)


Carol............. said...

You are toooo funny.......I love that Oreo!

Guess it would be hard to display all the cookie jars.. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that's a lot of cookie jars! Love the giant Oreo jar though! Have you told hubby that you REALLY like cash???!!!

Rev. Paul said...

"comical" ... too funny!

Diane AZ said...

It is a cute cookie jar. Many years ago I got a cow cookie jar from a yard sale, and apparently people thought I was crazy about cows. They still send me cow cards at every opportunity and even nicknamed me "Moo Cow."

Dawn said...

Collections do seem to take on a life of their own! My SIL let us know she was tired of recieving Boyds Bears by giving them out as gits to everyone one year and saying, " I have so many I can't possibly display them all so I want to share them with you." We got the not so subtle message!

Susie said...

You are too funny Deedee! That's a cute cookie jar. Love oreos. Yummy!

Dawn said...

what a cool oreo!
i was on time posting, but late in commenting!
i always call my decorating "traditional whimsy!"

Jen said...

450 jars!! That's a lot of cookies.

Margaret said...

That sure is a lot of cookie jars! I make a lot of cookies, and I don't have a single cookie jar! Guess I should go out and buy at least one..