Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gateway LX6200-01

After my husband crashed my computer, I tried to restore it but it crashed again. I went out and bought a new one. It's a Gateway too. They have changed so much in 6 years. I didn't understand any of the terminology. 8 this, and quad that, and 750 something else is what I bought.

All my pictures are gone for good this time. Everything that was on this blog was saved - everything else is gone. Oh my!

It has a hookup for a plasma tv along with running the monitor. You can hookup a camcorder, and any type of camera and other things I haven't figured out yet right to the front of it. Woohoo - time to go shopping!

**Special Note: I've been using this for a month now. I really like this one except for 1. I had to uninstall the Norton 360. It blocked any pictures, movie, music on the internet. When I uninstalled it - my computer "crashed." It's ok now. I had to install Java. Now I get the pictures, movies, etc. 2. The screensaver program doesn't work. And AOL does not stay on if I leave the computer. I haven't figured out how to solve these problems yet.

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