Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God has a plan

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. He had taken the day off - from his job anyway. He worked around the house. He replaced the cat door for a large dog door to accommodate our new rottweiler. He also put a security door in front of our front door. If they are going to break in our house again it will not be through the front door. We hope to replace the living room window soon. I don't want to go through the horror of a break-in again.
We also voted yesterday. The voting poll in my area was extremely easy to get in, vote and out. My neighborhood is mostly retired.
I BBQ'ed chicken. I also made a birthday heart shaped brownie for his birthday cake. While enjoying the wonderful weather and the BBQ'ed dinner, we sat outside and watched the results of election day.

John McCain gave a gracious conceding speech. I felt truly honored to have voted for him.
I was reminded by a radio station that I listen to that .....
God is in control! God has a purpose! God does not make mistakes! He has a plan!

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