Friday, November 7, 2008

Lavender are blooming

My lavender are blooming. The new lemon tree has lots of lemons too. We planted it last year. I guess the plants would rather bloom when it is cooler. Our weather is down - 79 to 84. I'm thinking I ought to get out the sweatshirts and sweatpants. Brrrrrr

This picture is one very small lavender plant that I planted last year. It grew and took over the planter. I had to take out 4 lantana plants and throw them away. I trimmed the lavender down.

Bandit is doing great. This picture is Bandit trying to get Si to play with her. This is Si saying "You are sniffing my butt - back off - meow meow hiss hiss
I turned on the lights and games in the game room this morning, the air hockey made a snapping sound. Oops ...looks like Bandit chewed on the electric cord. Oh my! Nothing is safe from ground level to 2 feet in my house.
I love to watch Trixie and Bandit play. Trixie is so small that she can run underneath Bandits legs. Bandit graps Trixie's tail and pulls her. They play until they both drop and have to take a nap.

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