Saturday, November 15, 2008

~ on the cover of Rolling Stones ~

My husband bought over 5,000 45rpm records yesterday at a yard sale. Some boxes are alphabetically in order by artist. Half of them have their covers. Some of them have the jukebox tag inside the covers. This one is a Rolling Stones record with "Going to the Go Go" and "Beast of Burden." The price tag is still on it - from Grand Central $1.79.
He wants to sell them all on ebay. I want to get a jukebox for the game room. We comprised - I can sell some of them to earn the money for the jukebox. I'll "cherry pick" through them and save the ones I want for my jukebox. The rest will go. This is an amazing collection.
I spent all afternoon cleaning out an area for the 17 boxes of records. I needed to clean things up anyway. I guess it took some childhood memories to inspire me.

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