Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full Moon Tonight

We had a yard sale Friday and Saturday from 8am until 1pm. Our yard sale was so successful on Friday we had to rush around the house to find some things to sell on Saturday, too. We have our yearly yard sale every winter because it's too hot during the summer. 70 degrees is perfect! We sold so many things that it emptied 3/4 of the 11 foot by 24 foot "barn" in the backyard. Woohoo! That means .... the "stuff" in the office can go out there AND we can put in new office furniture. Double Woohoo!
This is the full moon tonight at the end of this very busy and productive day. Isn't it beautiful! One of God's many Blessings!


Frank Baker said...

Great Photography. I gave my old tripod away several years ago, now I need it.

deedee said...

Thank You. I used my Nikon P80 for this shot. I am still learning this camera. By the way, I sold a tripod at my yard sale.