Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm home! I flew into LAX Friday. He drove me up to Simi Valley to pick up the truck. We bought the truck through the internet. It turned out to be a fast and easy experience. He ( the seller of the truck) suggested that I go see the Ronald Reagan Library. It was less than a mile from where I was. So I did! Wow - what an amazing place!
They have the retired Air Force One, Marine One, and motorcade enclosed in a glass hanger. Air Force One was suspended up off the ground. I had my picture taken at the entry of Air Force One ( it was only $12). They had among many other things the complete replica of the Oval Room when Ronald Reagan was President. When I entered into that room, it made me catch a breath. I felt like I was really there! The last stop on the tour was the burial site. I remember watching and seeing this on tv. Respect - comes to mind when remembering the visit this library - memorial.
Then I headed downtown to Universal Studios. I wanted to add to my Hard Rock collection. When I (finally) got there I found out that you had to pay $12 to park. So I drove up to Valet parking.... took one look at the "guys" at your service in Valet and said: "he$%, no you're not touching my brand new truck" and drove off. I took some pictures while I was driving away.
It was too late by then to go to the ocean. I headed for Palm Springs. hehehehe I can laugh now but... Silly me! It was late afternoon, Friday, Holiday Weekend traffic and all headed OUT of LA just like I was trying to do. On top of that, I was driving a truck I was not familiar with. The navigation system sound was not on. So I had to look down to see where I was AND it seemed that every time I looked down I had missed a turn. I was so lost!
By 6pm I hadn't eaten all day. I stopped off at a Inn-and-out. We have those in Arizona too. And then tried to get back on the Interstate. hehehehe They don't have exits and entrys at the same place. Finally getting back on I10 - I was so tired! I saw the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa in some town starting with a C and stopped for the night. Nice place!
Next morning, I tried to remember what all the buttons in the truck do. I figured out the noise in the truck. I had the moon roof open the whole day yesterday with the shade closed - no wonder it was so loud in there. hehehe And I figured out the the gas pedal "thingy" - it was on high. I lowered it. My legs hurt so bad yesterday. And I figured out how to change the radio - xm system. The trip home on Saturday went better and faster. I passed everyone. I had that truck going 90 plus. (DON'T tell my husband)!!!
The problem is - we now own 3 trucks and will be fighting over who gets to drive the "new" one! hehehe Posted by Picasa

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Frank Baker said...

Sounds like a great trip. So happy everything worked out so well. Getting a new automobile of any kind is always exciting. Now you can start planning the big trip.