Wednesday, January 14, 2009

They got "critters" at Costco

Yesterday, I was out and about looking for the new office furniture. Among the many stores I went to was Costco Home. I didn't find any furniture but... I did find these cool looking "critters" for the new block fence we had put up last year. I took pictures of them to show my husband when he got home. While in the the store taking the pictures, the clerk asked me questions about where I would put them. I was thinking the "critters" around the pool and the big sun out on the front of the house. She said: "Boy, your house will stand out from the rest." I started laughing! I showed her the pictures I had taken of houses in my neighborhood. After she saw all of them (especially the "fish" house), "Where do you live?" I told her. Her eyes got big and said.... :)


Frank Baker said...

The critters are great however Cloody would never get close to them.

I have an idea, have you given any thought to using them to embellish the new truck?

deedee said...

If I even thought about doing anything to the new truck - you'd be able to read all about me in the newspaper, too. The obituary section!