Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Neighborhood

These are some more houses in my neighborhood. I drove around this morning and took some pictures. I hope my neighbors don't mind. This is the big house on the corner. I didn't get a very clear picture of it. I'll have to try it again a different time of day and use the Nikon.
This house is one block South of the "big" house. It is built into the ground with dirt and then the small peek-a-boo roof on top. Very unique house!

Also in my neighborhood is this "shamrock" house. Everything is shades of green. See the shamrocks in the shutters? Cute little house!

Right next door to the "Shamrock" house is the "Cactus" house. Yes! There is a house behind all the cactus. I know these neighbors. I've bought some cactus from him for my house. The backyard to this house is.... I'm at lost for words. Jungle - ?? Every inch of the backyard is covered with trees, cactus, plants, stuff. Amazing!

This is the side of the "Cactus" house. This entry goes into a greenhouse. All these house are just North of me a little bit. Remember the "Fish" house? Well, that is just North of me ( a little bit, too) Each house here is quite different from the rest. I consider my house as one of the "normal" ones. But looking at these, I kind of wonder about my perception of normal?

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