Saturday, January 3, 2009

Howdy from Chugwater Wyoming :)

It didn't seem fair to post the Van Buren Street Phoenix postcards without telling about this postcard from Chugwater, Wyoming first.
Long time ago, when I lived in one of the "cold" states..... I was looking for something to do one Saturday. I was told that Chugwater had the best chili around, sooooo .... I took a drive to Chugwater (Wyoming). I had their chili for lunch and took some "to go" for later. At the checkout were these postcards. I bought one just to remember the day. It started my collection of now many thousands.
You can check Chugwater, Wyoming out with this link:

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Frank Baker said...

I would often drive I-25, but never beyond Ft. Collins, CO. I'm more of a Terlinqua , TX chili person.