Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's gone

This is what is left of my orange tree :( My husband has the day off today. He decided he would do the prep work for the driveway addition. Cutting down the orange tree was not really part of the plans but.... I was in the house getting ready for the day and came outside - this is what I saw :( AND.... Bandit did not howl and Trixie did not bark! They are "Daddy's" girls. The cats would have told me if they weren't sleeping.


a corgi said...

so sorry; I bet the oranges tasted really good from it


Mom To Six said...

Oh, man!!! And he didn't pick the oranges off of it before hauling it away? :)


deedee said...

To: a corgi... I don't know.
To: Mom To Six ... No - he didn't! Needless to say, but I was quite upset to see the tree in the back of the truck AND all the oranges still on the tree. I can sum this up with one word - MEN!

Mom To Six said...

Hehe....MEN! So true. :)

Your letter is: "P". Have fun. I'll check back to see which "P" things you love.