Friday, January 30, 2009


If you don't know by now.... The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl! Woohoo! Last year we hosted the Super Bowl in Glendale in our brand new stadium. No one ever thought "we" would be one of the teams playing in the Super Bowl ..... since we never - ever have in the history of football. Soooo Arizonans are really excited. There are billboards ( I need to take some pictures of them). There are people selling Cardinal "goodies" on street corners. All the clerks in the grocery stores are wearing Cardinal gear :) People drive around with Cardinal flags on their vehicles.
Anyway.... to my point. My husband and I wanted a Cardinal jersey, of course. We didn't want one of those cheap ones with the iron on numbers. We found a guy on Phoenix's Craigslist selling them for a price we could afford. We bought two of them and had them shipped Priority Mail.
........ My husband calls me this morning and asks: "Are you wearing your Cardinals Jersey right now?" I said: "Yes, of course!" "Well, guess what?"
My husband told me that the FBI just arrested some guy in Surprise, Arizona selling counterfeit jerseys on Craigslist. I watched the news and found out that's the same guy. I am wearing a counterfeit jersey - oops!


a corgi said...

oops!!! oh my!!!! I won't tell; your secret is safe with me!

good luck to the Cards (but I'm a Steeler's fan from way back when :)

(don't hate me:)

you guys could win; let the best team win :)


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I always fear that something like that will happen to me. Thanks for your comments on my blog - I always love meeting new people and visiting their blogs. Enjoy the weekend.

Rev. Paul said...

It's okay; we won't hold it against you, 'cause your heart's in the right place!

Go Cards!