Tuesday, April 29, 2008

omelet - how they should look

My mother-in-law and her friend came to visit last week. One of days while they were here. We had an extremely busy day. I had bought pork chops to grill outside for that night, my husband's speciality and favorite food. Because he had to work overtime and we had gotten back home later than expected, I decided to make omelets for dinner instead. This was something I could cook fairly well sooooo..... I had put all my ingrediances in the pan - it started to burn (oh no). So I tried to flip it.... what a disaster! The omelet broke into a hundred pieces and was burning. I forgot to spray the pan first :( I had three more omelets to make using the pan that still had burnt omelet from the time before. I also didn't realize I was using a frying pan instead of the omelet pan. So much for trying to impress my mother-in-law!

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