Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love rain

I love rain! This is just my opinion but I think when it finally rains in Arizona everything should be closed for a state holiday. There is a slight cool breeze with rain sprinkles this morning. I got up early and got all my house chores done so I could sit out on the back patio and watch this beautiful day.
My pool is blue again. I get many visitors to my pool (some invited and some not). All the neighborhood cats come to my pool and drink - so do my cats and dog. I've seen birds fly unto the clorine dispenser that floats in the pool and take a drink from the pool. I've watched small birds sit at the end of the slide and drink from the pool too. I've also found an occasional geicko at the bottom of the pool.
My dog runs around the pool chasing her reflection - so cute! One of these days when I figure out how to upload on YouTube I'm going to take movies of all the "happenings" at my pool.
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