Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alaska is #1

Each state has its own unique characteristic. Arizona is "famous" for being very hot. We are in our 112's and higher now...... with last night at 10 pm being 108.
I read on AOL News this morning about earthquake prone states and was quite surprised to find which state was number 1. I had guess California - since I was born and raised in California and lived through a few earthquakes there, I just presumed!
Here is AOL's list:
#10 is Oregon with 73 earthquakes were recorded for all between '74 - '03
#9 Utah 139
#8 Montana 186
#7 Wyoming 217
#6 Idaho 404
#5 Washington 424
#4 Nevada 778
#3 Hawaii 1,533
#2 California 4,895
with number 1 is Alaska at 12,053


Mildred said...

How surprising! GA had one within the last 6 years - the only one I can remember in my lifetime.

Diane C. said...

That is a surprise about Alaska. I also thought California had the most earthquakes. Wow, it was 108 in your area last night? We're only expecting to hit 105 for our high today.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I had no idea about Alaska or even Hawaii. I am so used to the East coast and all our hurricanes!!!

Rev. Paul said...

I coulda told you that, ma'am! Alaska has more earthquakes every day than the other 49 states combined. Granted most of them are small, but so are the others. No one here is anxious for a repeat of the 9.2 'quake that happened in 1964, either.

Susie said...

Deedee I would have thought the same thing as you. Alaska is a big surprise!

Lanny said...

Very interesting! And some other bit of myth busting that I heard the other day reminded me of you. Did you know that Washington typically has a dryer July than other states including Arizona?! Well when I heard that I knew I just had to make time to come and visit you and share that!

Lanny said...

By the way things are looking great your way, cottage stone gardens and bandits swimming days!