Friday, January 8, 2010

and here comes January 2010!

Unbelievable how last year flew by! We had company non-stop from April into September. Some invited and welcome company and then some uninvited and not welcomed but came anyway. We had the pool remodeled - what an event that was. We added Bandit to our family. We lost Si - an long-loved family member. We bought the new truck - I got to fly to LA to pick it up and drive it home. There was the driveway addition. There was the front yard landscaping projects. Between the remodels and the company it was a quite a year!
Here it is January...... We have already got calls from family members that want to come back again this year. I feel like a hotel booking agent sometimes.
The pool decking needs to be taken out - oh no! There is a leak in one of the skimmer's pipes. We had to hire an underwater diver to plug up the bottom drain and one of the pipes in the skimmer. The pool cleaner works cleaning the bottom of the pool but.... since the skimmer is "plugged" I am the new skimmer! Geezes, here goes more thousands of dollars. Going to look into a "bailout" for my home/ "hotel." .................... just kidding
I finally found a wooden bridge for that one landscaping project. I know... I know.... you want pictures :)
Hubby bought me a 32 inch monitor for my computer. He's going to mount it on the wall so I can have the complete view out the window. Then he said..... look like that window could use replacing. Then you know what that means - new blinds or shutters ... then paint the room .... then the desk and chair will have to be updated.
Did I mention the barn (as I call it) that we built a couple years ago is still waiting to get done? The outside of it is done but the inside is not. It will be a guest house. Maybe that won't be such a great idea - some of our company might just stay and never leave. It could be a workshop ... to store all the stuff for our to-do-projects. Or it could be the game room... that big game room we have inside the house could be moved out there.
I am very grateful that my decision now are "light and easy" compared to days long ago. Wishing God's Blessing to all my friends this year 2010


Deb said...

Deedee I've missed I see why we haven't heard much from you...a busy year...maybe you should start charging a love everyone that loves to come stay with you....looing forward to hearing more in 2010..

Susie said...

Hey Girl, so glad to see you online. I can't believe all those busy projects you already have lined up. I kind of get that way too! I just finished painting the guest bedroom. I'm so glad that's over.

Now I have to decide if I want to tackle the other bedroom.

Sorry to hear about the pool problem. Hopefully you will get that taken care of.

Have missed you.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

So glad to see you back DeeDee!! 2009 was a doozie of a year for you! Busy, busy! Hope things smooth out for you this year! Blessings to you dear one!

Rev. Paul said...

Nice to see you back at the blog, ma'am. I pray 2010 is a blessed and peaceful year for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deedee, I am glad to see your post. I hope you get the pool problems taken care of - any time we need repairs, it seems it's hard to find reliable folks to work! Hopefully it will all go smoothly for you. We are enjoying a wee bit of snow today here in GA. I pray that 2010 will be full of many blessings for you.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Glad to see all is well...and BUSY.
Take care, Suz

Dawn said...

Wow, you've been busy! glad to hear from you.

We have to put in a new pool deck too. We just had it built a little over a year ago. They didn't do the concrete work right for our clay soil and it's sinking around the edges and pulling up from the pool. Of course the contractor is out of business and the sub contractor says it wasn't their fault but would give us a deal ~ at $7,000! We're going to wait and see what happens this winter. If it doesn't get much worse we might just leave it.

I'm not surprised everyone wants to winter with you in nice warm Arizona!

Carol............. said...

You're such a busy girl. Always something to do right?

Hope the pool can be fixed without spending too much.

The 32 inch monitor story began to sound like "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" LOL!

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Made my day today to see your comment on my blog!! =D

grammy said...

I agree the year has gone fast
that's to bad the deck(pool) already has a problem
we have to decks that need to be replaced
My hubby would rather work on 100 cars or trucks!!!