Thursday, July 24, 2008

El Rico's Queen Creek

My daughter-in-law told me that the grandkids have half days on Wednesdays. So I thought I'd go out and pick everyone up and we could out to lunch. But ... the school failed to tell everyone that they meant every other Wednesday. So I went out to Queen Creek yesterday. My daughter-in-law was home and so was one of the grandkids (she was sick - third day of school). The three of us went to lunch at El Rico's. It's on Power Rd/Hunt Hwy (kind of). What a cool place. The food and service was great! I couldn't believe how busy this place was.
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Waterrose said...

I haven't seen that restaurant out here. Hmmmmm...guess I'll have to go looking for it this week.

It was Ouray, Colorado....