Sunday, February 14, 2010

Before/After ...almost

Remember when I posted this picture way back in May of last year? No..... well, that's ok. We have been working on this area as time allowed. You all told me that you had one of these neglected areas - it made me feel better. It's that side of the house where we never go. So with all the projects going on, this area kept being pushed aside for other things.

This is what that side looks like today. We still have a lot more to do. The stones will continue down to the sidewalk with a big planter around the palm tree. Lots more plants to plant ...... Didn't want you think I was just laying around enjoying our 78 degree weather!


Susie said...

78 degrees? Oh how that sounds so nice.

Love the way your redo is looking.

nanny said...

Looks great....78....can't wait!!!

Rev. Paul said...

78? We almost never get that warm - but it's pretty nice, as I recall.

The new flower bed is looking good.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

OOoooooh... 78 degrees... be still my heart. That's looking great DeeDee! Look forward to seeing more!

Carol............. said...

Ahhhh....Southwestern Az is catching up with that nice weather....finally!

Lanny said...

We don't have 78 but we don't have winter either, ain't it great. Well you should expect it, but it only comes around up here when someone decides to host the winter Olympics in the vacinity!

Your job looks great by the way, really nice.

Dawn said...

Spring has been teasing us too. Our house was 73 degrees when we woke up at 4 this morning ~ and the heater had been off all night!
Rain for the next week though, bummer.

I read up on your lasts posts. I'm surprised it's not on you tube yet. Or is it? I'll have to do a search. I would have run the other way when I saw that reporter coming my direction. LOL!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the info on the cookie jars! I checked out your photo and they are all so cute! You sure have a great collection. I only have a few, my mom has some pretty old ones. I loved the rose one you use to hold soap bars.
Hope all is well in sunny Arizona. If I remember right you don't have to suffer through the time changes there, right?