Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"The Couch"

"The Couch" We bought this when we bought the house (a few years ago.) At night time, Trixie would sleep on the floor by "Daddy's" side of the bed. Bandit sleeps on the bed. Yes, all 120 pounds of Rottweiler. It's not our choice. She feels that's where she should sleep. We try to get her to sleep on the floor by the bed but..... she jumps up there while we are sleeping and will not budge!
Then we got Smokey - He sleeps in the hallway by the bathroom door. Great, except the cat box is in that bathroom. When Mindy tries to use the cat box. well she gets chased. Soooooo she started using the couch as a litter box. When that happened, Smokey decided to mark the couch as his territory. Needless to say, the couch smelled awful.
Hubby and I tried to get it out the front door. It came in the back sliding glass door. That door has a dog door now so the couch would not fit.
Hubby took off the legs to the couch - it wouldn't fit. Then he took off the front door - it wouldn't fit. He took off the hide-a bed - it wouldn't fit. He took a electric saw and cut out the middle - it wouldn't fit. He then broke off the arms to the couch and finally it fit through the door.
Yesterday, I saw some people take the bed frame. I guess the everything else is too stinky.
I saw these people because I took down the blinds yesterday and threw them away too. I put up a new double curtain rod...... new drapes and new shears :) I mentioned to hubby we should order a new window.
Mindy is now an outdoor kitty ;)

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