Friday, April 3, 2009

All In A Day :)

My husband bought this gadget to do the other side of the driveway. By the time he finally got it (very slow shipping) the other driveway addition was done. He tried using it for this project and found out you can't see the "line" in hot Arizona sun. Oh well!
I was the "gopher" today. I picked up a load of sand at Home Depot.

While waiting for the forklift driver to load my truck, I saw the Cookies From Home" van. I've posted about them before. I've shipped cookies from them many times. Look at their back bumper.... Cute!

Then I had to go up to very North Scottsdale. They had some planter stone on sale. :::shaking head::: Boy, was that a waste of time. The stone they had on sale were marked down because they were either broken or mismatched :( I left!

One of the unusual plants/tree at that nursery in Scottsdale. When I got back home, my husband had used all the sand and needed me to go get more......

He bet me that he could have this project done today (one day). I said: No way! I think I'm going to win this one!


Susie said...

Deedee your hubbie is such a hard worker. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Sounds like you did have a busy day. Hope you have a great night!

Rev. Paul said...

Sorry, but I have to say WOW! look at all that sunlight!

It's been really cloudy up here. And even when the sun is out, it's a lot weaker here than down there. Has something to do with living above the 61st parallel, and all that northern stuff.

Looks good, folks - waiting for the finished product!

Busy Bee Suz said...

making some headway. Seeing all of AZ again...just makes me miss that place. You are lucky!!

Carol............. said...

The walk is going to be gorgeous!
Definitely a more that "one dayer" LOL!

Oh, I posted the Fluttering Fairy
templates on my blog so anyone can make a copy. There's a link on the sidebar of my blog page...easy to spot.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be so nice. I know you both are exhausted.

Lanny said...

Wait a second you could control how long it takes if you have to keep going for supplies. I wouldn't have made that bet if I were him! Looks good!

Love the cookie car. Reminds me I have to do some baking but not today it is sunny here again!!!