Monday, April 27, 2009


My sister sent me this picture today. Her son proposed Saturday, April 25. She said yes. I thought the picture is adorable.
They scheduled the wedding at the LDS temple in Mesa, Arizona and the date last week. WHAT (you're thinking)?????? That's what I said also ( but was practically screaming)! He proposed after they got the church and a date? Yep. They are getting married June 19, 2009. WHAT (I'm screaming again)???? Let's see proposed April 25, 2009 - then graduate from college June 12, 2009 - move to Colorado - get a place to live - get a job - come back to Arizona and get married June 19, 2009. In 56 days - WHAT??? ( I screamed through the whole conversation on the phone with my sister.
Those like me who are not LDS can not attend the wedding. I wish them well :)


Busy Bee Suz said...

What????? That is crazy. Too much too fast too much too stressed. :)

You really can't attend??? That makes me just sad.

Rev. Paul said...

I wish them well - it's a shame they won't let you attend.

Deb said...

wow my head is spinning, my son proposed on Christmas Eve and they married on saturday

Susie said...

Oh they are going to be sooooo busy!

Diane C. said...

I love that picture! Sounds like an exciting time for them. Interesting that non LDS relatives cannot attend.