Sunday, April 26, 2009

a lot of hubba bubba

My husband took all the trucks out and parked them on the street. He "man"icured the front and back yards!!! Everything in the front and back is perfect. He then took each truck and washed and waxed them!!! What's all the hubba bubba about, you say???

Well, we are having company. We've known for a couple months. Now you're thinking WHO could cause this much work? When my husband told me if I couldn't get all the house clean in time for Wednesday's company - I could hire a MAID!!!???

There is only one person that I would go to that much trouble for .... I wish it was "the apple of my eye" returning from Iraq coming to Arizona :( but it's not.

The "company" are flying in Wednesday, late afternoon. They are staying at a hotel in Scottsdale. I didn't realize it was that big of a deal until....

hubby told me he took vacation time starting Wednesday. ummmm

*** last year when his Mom came to visit there was a tiny bit of "hubba bubba" - nothing like this!


Diane C. said...

I can hardly wait to see what all the hubba bubba is about. That's a lot of work. Always something exciting happening around your house.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow, so you don't know who it is?? I would get the maid...I never had someone else clean my house and I want to live vicariously through you. ;)