Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is Trixie. I've blogged about her but haven't put a picture of her up yet. She is very camera shy. I'll tell you how we got her last November - My husband's birthday is in November on a weekend day last year. The kids and grandkids were coming up for a BBQ birthday party. They stopped at a yard sale along the way. The people giving the yard sale ask if they wanted a dog. My son says sure. They put Trixie and all her "things" in their car and came up to our birthday party. Just kidding they said "we brought you a dog for your birthday present." My husband said thank you! When the kids and grandkids were leaving they told my husband they had just been kidding - he really didn't have to keep the dog, it was a joke. They had planned on keeping it. But my husband said he really liked the dog so we kept her. So here is a picture of Trixie our little Papillion.....
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