Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amazing Ebay

I buy and sell on ebay. I like selling postcards, vintage perfumes, books, miscellaneous small things. There use to be this great auction house in Mesa where I could buy box lots of "goodies" to sell. One Saturday I was in the front auction and my husband was in the back with the box lots. I told him that there was a box of postcards and to make sure he won it. He did. When we got home I went through the box and discovered that they were not postcards but QSL radio cards. I had never seen these before and didn't know what they were. I listed a few on ebay. This radio card that I have pictured sold for $550. HOLY SMOKE!
I decided I better learn about radio cards!
I had paid 50 cent for this cute mouse house at a yard sale. It sold today for $42.47. No one else had one listed and there was nothing like it in completed item. I was hoping for $5.00.... I am truly amazed at what sells on ebay and for how much.

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