Thursday, August 21, 2008

Arizona Water Pipeline

This is just an idea but..... there are certain parts of the US that flood every year - Missouri, for example along the Mississippi. There is hurricane season every year in the Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

My idea is: Arizona is a desert - we could always use some water. While those other states are experiencing heavy rain, flooding, etc. we are dry, hot and have to purchase our water from Colorado. Why not built a pipeline like they did in Alaska. It could bring much NEEDED water to drought areas from areas that get way too much. Like an Arizona Water Pipeline... What do you think?

It would create jobs. If it leaked like sometimes the Alaska pipeline does, it would not harm the environment. All you see on TV is recycle, reuse, eco-friendly and so on. Why not recycle, reuse water? This pipeline could have "faucets" along the way to Arizona - that way everyone could share the water. I'm sure that New Mexico and West Texas wouldn't mind a little bit of water.

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