Friday, August 29, 2008

Google Blog Surfing

I didn't know anything about blog surfing until a lady in Kentucky left me a comment. She ran across my page while surfing blogs. ummm
So I surf blogs now too. I have a few saved in "my favorites." I really like this one where he goes out and takes pictures of the old estates on Long Island. I've never been there but his pictures are incredible - they make you want to see Long Island in person!
Then there is this other one where these two couples went on a motorcycle journey to the corners of the US. Amazing pictures, too!
There is a lady in Queen Creek that has her first article in a magazine this September. Congrads to her!
I've found blogs where they have given way too much important information ( birth dates, names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.). I saw one blog where she had her complete name and address and all the pictures of each room in her house. I bet the burglars like her!
It always makes me laugh when I see young girls from Singapore blogs. They list themselves as 13 and still single.... chuckling as I type. They try to blog in English and everything is misspelled.
There are a million Dylan and Cole Sprouse blogs :(
I like the blogs where people go on trips, take pictures and give a brief summary of that area. You get to see areas of the world you'll never get to see in person. Or the blogs with pictures of their flower gardens - pets, or how to do projects.
***Sometimes I see pictures on blogs and wonder if they realize that pictures can be copied***

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