Saturday, May 9, 2009


I haven't posted about Bandit for so long. There was a day just last week ..... I'll start from the beginning.
I now have to keep the laundry in a basket "on a table" - when sorting clothes in piles on the floor - too many pieces of undies were taken out to the back yard and were being chewed.
One and part of another dining room chairs were chewed and had to be thrown away.
After 15 throw rugs being shredded to pieces - I now have only one ( it's in the picture).
Two pillow cases - one was an antique hand embroidered that matched the antique chenille bedspread - well, they were chewed too. I'm even more careful in keeping the doors shut in the house.
The day the guys came (at 5:30am) to pebbletec the pool -we opened up the back sliding glass door to find 4 patio cushions shredded into itsy bitsy pieces and not even neatly scattered around the yard. So at 5;30am while the guys were setting up to pebbletec, my husband and I were racing around the yard picking up pieces of patio cushions.
There was the night when Bandit "took" the lemons off our tree and creatively dug holes throughout the back yard to place them. (like Easter egg hunting but with lemons)
All the tiny rocks that were part of the backyard landscaping were eaten by Bandit and then distributed in dog poop the next day on the grass.
I'm probably forgetting some of the other not cherished moments with Bandit. She is always digging holes. We have spent a small fortune getting the house ready for company. We did a lot of new landscaping in the back yard ( that I didn't even mention on my blog). Two of the new plants in the back were torch bougainvillea. To make a long story short - Bandit dug one of them up. I replanted it. She dug it up again. I replanted it. This happened four times in one day. She almost became a pound puppy that day!
On May 26, at 7am she is getting fixed!!! They said that "fixing" her will settle this dog down. This I HAVE TO SEE.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope that settles her! The lemon story is the funniest yet!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh. I would have lost my mind!!! I only have to hide the bird food around here. :)
I hope her surgery goes well...and helps.
Have you seen the "no dig" spray? They have it at petsmart..all natural and I think it may help. But you will need a lot of it.
Good luck. Suz

Stefunkc said...

Oh my! Bet you spend each day wondering what will be next!

KaysWay said...

No matter what, this doggie is a cutie.


grammy said...

Like Marley in the new movie. Burying the lemons is a good one. They had the KFC guy on Opera telling how they were so slammed they just couldn't keep up. I never got the coupons so I guess I don't have to worry about it (o:

Prospero said...

That's one finely dressed dog! Boy, what a character, that Bandit. Regardless of what they do, those puppies have a way of finding a place in our hearts. Be sure to see my blog on Mother's Day, Trixie and Bandit can finally meet Angelina.

Lanny said...

Uh have you considered giving her a new name? Something like Angel or Sweetie Pie or Dear Heart or.... Some of the members of our household stay in kennels until they come out to do their appointed "work."