Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update: Vintage Crock Pot

I just realized when I saw the ideas that maybe the picture was deceiving (not on purpose) on how big this crock is. Next to the crock I put a utensil crock and a water jug crock so you could see the size of this thing. It is very big!
Suz: Your idea is great but we have a soda pop machine in the BBQ area. It is an "ex" commercial one. We also have an ice maker out there in BBQ area too. You are in Florida - I thought it was abuse if you didn't have one ;) I know it IS abuse if you don't have a pool!

I do put utensils in a crock .... but the smaller one that's in the picture.
It's been in the backyard storing small pool toys and some dog toys too. If you want to offer some more ideas - they will be appreciated. Thanks, DeeDee :)


Deb said...

well Dee Dee you have me stumped...I don't know what you should do with it....I am anxious to see if you get any good ideas...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow, that is really big. I had no idea...
How about a 'smallish cabana boy'????
you are rightYOU must have an icemaker near your bbq....So happy I don't have to send the authorities.

Lanny said...

I have a similar crock given to me by Dirt's parents it was Dirt's grandparents and used for making pickles and saurkraut, it also came with a slightly smaller one, still to big for permanent display in my tiny little house. Mine comes out very carefully when I use it to hold a tall large vase actually of lemonade, with ice between the crock and vase.

As for ideas for you...I live where things freeze on occasion so the idea of a plant in it was very wrong indeed in my head. Does it need to hold anything? It is so pretty can't it just have a place of semi promenence empty, grabbed up for temporary uses when the need arises? Think of it like a serving dish that would sit in or on a cabinet, displayed until used.

Then it could be used for myriad of things, of course most of the ideas in my head are for wonderful different ways to incorporate it in food service for all sorts of delightful dinner parties and luncheons, spin offs of what this and crocks like it were originally made for.