Thursday, May 7, 2009

What would you do?

I was outside planting more plants yesterday. It seems like I visit that nursery a block from my house daily. Anyway... I was out in the front-side yard. There must be a bird nest in one of my trees in the front yard. Whenever I hear a lot of bird squawking, I know Fluffy must be near by. Fluffy is the neighbor's (three houses to the east of me) cat. Si, my cat, spend a lot of time in the front yard too but..... he is not a threat to the birds. Si is 17 years old. He goes out in the front yard to get away from my dogs and to bask in the sun.
So, I was out there planting plants listening to the birds squawk at Fluffy. The front window opens at the neighbors house and one of the teenagers who lives there looks out. She ( the teenager) then closes the window. *** I thought she was looking out the window to check out what all the squawking was about - silly me ****
Two minutes later, the window opens again. I look up to see the teenager's boyfriend jump over their front fence and climb through the window. I watched him - and he watched me watch him. You know those moments where you are caught by surprise and don't know what to say??? I was speechless.
Wondering what I should do (if anything), I chose to mind my own business. I'm sure they were ditching school and meeting at "her" house while almost everyone was at work. Just wondering, what would you have done?
By the way, isn't Fluffy a cutie?


Rev. Paul said...

I'd probably have done what you did.

Fluffy (Fluffie?) looks like a weird blend of poodle & Pepe LePew. I like fluffy cats; my first was a 16 lbs. Siberian.

I did get tired of cleaning all the hair off the curtains and furniture, though LOL.

Deb said...

it is a hard thing trying to decide if you should get involved or not..since no one was being injured...guess it was better not to do anything...pretty cat

Becca's Dirt said...

I'm not sure what I'd do. I think it would hinge on how well I know the family. If I knew the family well I might give a hint about the daughter - but I wouldn't come right out and tell them what you saw.

Busy Bee Suz said...

If you know the parents, I would say something. You don't want to cause problems, but you also don't want a preggo kid next door. It takes a village. :)
Fluffy is cute!!

Diane C. said...

Looks like Fluffy has a cute summer haircut. Our cat is around 18 years old and the birds are not afraid of him.

I can understand your concern about the teenager. I'm guessing a parent was home or else why would the boyfriend hop the fence and go through the window.

Susie said...

Done the same thing you did. What happened to Fluffy?

KaysWay said...

Hi. I'm so honored that you stopped by my blog and left a post. I was looking at your photos. Fluffy is cute. Our neighbor's cat spends most of his time at our house, so we feel like we have a cat too. He is very lovable and we love his visits.