Thursday, October 30, 2008

Download Picasa 3

Sunday, my husband was checking his football picks on my computer. His computer and our laptop got stolen during the burglary September 29, 2008. My old computer was not taken. My computer is really slow. My husband decided to "fix" my computer. In his "fixings" my computer crashed. Everything was gone. OH NO! So he ran the recovery system back through. He also had to download AOL. I could have killed him at that point because all my pictures were gone.
He went back to work on Monday and left me with my computer to now really fix! I had pictures I could not replace. I collect cookie jars - there are 450 plus throughout my house. I had taken pictures of all of them. There were pictures of my kids, grandkids, ..... you know all that important stuff. I found my blog. I had downloaded Picasa before and had to download it again ( since it was gone, too). When I redownloaded Picasa 3, it asked if I wanted it to check for pictures other than in My Pictures. I clicked ok. Picasa 3 found the pictures I had previously on my computer. Woohoo!
Everything else is still gone.
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