Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fuji FinePix Z20 Blue Camera

I got my camera yesterday. It's a Fuji Fine Pix Z20 in blue (my favorite color). I ordered it online from Target. The shipping box was damaged - there was no packing material inside. It was shipped UPS, the guys in Brown. Slow..... It took two weeks to get from Chicago to Phoenix. The camera was ok but the CD was scratched and would not download. The pictures would download into my Nikon program, though. So I took my first pictures of Trixie. These pictures were taken a week after she was attacked by the neighbor's pit bull.
I took her to the Vet last Wednesday. I was told if the pit bull had bit her any higher it would have broken her neck..... any lower and it would have crushed her back legs. Ouch!
I got the police report done. And the insurance forms filled out and sent for the burlary at our house last week. The house is mostly put back together.
I think I might drive around and take pictures of some unique things I've seen in my city. Trixie can ride with me in her car seat.
**Special Note: I've had the camera for a couple months now. It's ok .... Cheap - No frills - Easy to use - ... close up pictures are not color correct, lighting is hard to adjust sometimes. I'm looking to buy a better camera. I have not decided which one yet.

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