Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcoming Committee - Woof!

We have two Siamese cats and a little Papillon. My husband has always wanted a "big" dog. After our house got broken into and our little Papillon got attacked by a Pit Bull, he said "We are getting a Rotty."!!! He's been watching in the newspaper for some rottweiler puppys. He found some. We are going tonight when he gets off work to pick one out. He wants a boy - I, of course, want a girl. We'll see who wins this. We were throwing out names for the new puppy last night. I'm thinking Colt for a boy and Zena for a girl. He wants Apollo for a boy - no girl. We'll see who wins this one too.
Just when I've gotten the cats to adjust to Trixie.... hiss hiss meow meow

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