Friday, October 24, 2008

Scary Election Night

Just getting ready for Halloween. Gotta make sure the plants are decorated. I put out my wicked witch lives here sign .... (as if the neighborhood didn't know already, hehehehe)

I won't be carving pumpkins this year. Last year, Fry's gave pumpkins ( the big ones!) away free - not this year.
Halloween won't be half as scary as Election night. Make sure you vote - I see the the media wants us to think Obama has this election all wrapped up. Maybe they think that if we think Obama is going to win, we'll all just vote for him. They did a survey of people voting for Obama and asked them about his running mate Sarah Palin. ALL the people really liked her. Not one realized that she is not Obama's vice president pick. Bill Engvall, the comedian, would have been busy that day handing out "stupid" signs!
Remember your vote is our future!

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