Monday, October 6, 2008

Pit Bull almost killed my dog

Yesterday, my husband was home so I felt brave enough to leave the house. I ran some errands and did the grocery shopping. When I got home, my husband came out to help me bring the groceries in. Walking back into the house he said - look someone took our McCain sign. After our house getting robbed on Monday, I'm thinking what else?

After dinner I always walk the dog, our little Papillon, Trixie around the block. We were almost home when a pit bull charged at Trixie and me. The pit bull had Trixie in its mouth. A neighbor came and got the pit bull off of Trixie. Trixie ran home. My husband called 911. The police came along with animal control. They found who owned the dog. The pit bull owners told the policeman that their pool man left their back gate open and their dog got out.
The police told me that animal control was NOT going to take the pit bull because they found the owner AND BECAUSE THE DOG ONLY HURT ANOTHER DOG NOT A KID!
My husband and I were extremely upset. My husband was so upset that he threatened the neighbors. The pit bull owners put a restraining order on my husband. Oh my!
I rushed my dog to the Animal Emergency Clinic. Poor Trixie has one broken leg and huge bite marks on each side of her little back. I got home at midnight from the clinic. We tried to sleep but.... Trixie, even with all the pain medication, whimpered and cried. I stayed up and held her.
I put her down in the morning on a blanket so I could make my husband's lunch. Mindy, our Himalayan Siamese cat, laid down by Trixie and tried to lick her sores.
My job injury disability, the car accident, my house robbed, and now my dog injured...... When does it stop?

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