Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another New Collar for Bandit

Bandit is now 4 months old. We weighed her last night - 40 pounds! I had to buy her another collar. We've only had her two months. I buy new toys all the time - I have no idea where her other toys go. And I can't find most of my shoes. My house is clean, too!
Last night, as always, we eat in the living room and watch tv. I was clearing off the coffee table and came back in to get the rest..... Bandit...... was ON the coffee table drinking my milk!
She has eaten 2 - 17 pound bags of Puppy Chow and the cat's food every chance she gets. I give her and Trixie dog bones every day - they fight over who gets what bone.
Bandit was sleeping in Trixie's little dog bed. Yesterday I got her a large bed of her own. This morning we went into the pool bathroom to check on them. Trixie was sleeping in Bandit's new bed. Bandit was sleeping Trixie's little bed with a blanket.
I see such a difference in Trixie since we got Bandit. I think every dog should have a playmate. Anyway... that's today's scoop on Bandit.

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