Sunday, December 28, 2008

Light Rail Opening Day in Phoenix

Yesterday was the grand opening of the Light Rail. It travels 20 miles from Sycamore/Main in Mesa to North Phoenix on Montebello/19th Ave and 20 miles back. We decided to drive up to McClintock/Apache park and ride and try it out. The light rail system is offering FREE rides until January 1st. They were expecting 200,000 people to try it out during the duration of the FREE trail. We went yesterday, Saturday. I'm pretty sure all those 200,000 people showed up on the first day!
It took 30 minutes to get from McClintock/Apache to downtown Phoenix at the Washington/Central stop. The ride was smooth except for being so extremely crowded. We got off at that stop to have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.
I collect the Hard Rock pins, bears, shirts, and the Barbies. I bought the Phoenix Hard Rock Herrington bear dressed as a coyote. (like I needed that :)
Then..... we tried to go home. Everyone that had rode the light rail into Phoenix was trying to go home too. The line for the light rail was so long we decided to try the bus...... oh my! We walked over to catch the bus - the line was as long as the light rail line. To make a long story short.................
A little over two hours later, we made it home. I think riding the light rail would be fun and convenient BUT not during any events.

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