Monday, December 1, 2008

Magic Chef Ice Maker :(

The ice maker in my refrigerator broke several months ago. I've been using ice trays. I'd have to empty the ice trays twice a day into a ice bucket.
I've been watching for a ice maker to go on sale. The original price on this one at Target was $160. When I went into Target Black Friday there was a $99 sale sticker on this. Woohoo! I took it to the checkout. The checkout lady said no this was not on sale. Soooo I took the floor manager back to the sale sign. OOPS Someone put the microwave sale sticker on the ice maker. I got the ice maker for $99.
It promises ice in 7 minutes. I tried it out yesterday. What they don't tell you is yes you will get ice between 7 to 14 minutes BUT.... it's about 10 ice cubes!
It took about 5 hours to make two small baskets of ice cubes. Oh my!

**Special Note: I have now use this a couple days..... I found that if you only make small cubes it works a lot faster.

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