Monday, December 29, 2008

University of Minnesota at the Insight Bowl

New Years Eve starting at 5pm - Tempe Town Lake is the place to be! It is unbelievable how many people are there each year.... 200,000 and more show up for the "partying" with featured bands - this year is Styx. There are other bands, food and drinks, games, fireworks AND the Insight Bowl. The game starts at 6pm. This year University of Kansas Jayhawks vs. University of Minnesota Golden Gophers.
Whoa .... wait a minute.... Minnesota Golden Gophers??? I had to look that up to see where and who they were. Minneapolis with campuses throughout Minnesota ...yep! I have no ties to Kansas or Minnesota so I flipped a coin on this one - Minnesota won. Go Golden Gophers! Go University of Minnesota!

Back to the Fiesta Bowl party - Tempe residents only pay $5 for each ticket but those not living in Tempe pay $20 each ticket. It is a blast! Word of warning though - parking is a pain. The party last until 1 am and there is no bus system at that hour. Dress warm - party safe - go gophers!

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