Monday, December 1, 2008

Nikon Coolpix P80

This is Bandit. She is 3 months old now. I love to take pictures of her so... I'm going to experiment my new camera, Here she is... she has kind of learned "sit."
This was taken by the new camera too. Remember, I'm still learning the buttons. Bandit saying"wanna play? wanna play? come on let's play." This is Si saying... MEOW (translating: "FU%& You, dog!"

This is Si..... waiting by his food dish. Secretly thinking, "That damm dog ate my food again!"
Another picture with the new camera.

This one was bought on Phoenix Craigslist for $170. This 18X zoom looks pretty impressive. I agree with the reviews that the flash should pop up automatically but with this camera it does not.
I still need one more camera. The Canon Powershot SD990 IS looks good.

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