Sunday, September 14, 2008

Denver Broncos - Thank You Ed Hochuli

My husband and I watched football all day today. After AZ Cardinals beat Miami Dolphins 31-10, with time left it was switched and we saw the end of the Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers game. Denver had the game won but the Chargers came back ( a controversial call on a touchdown for the Chargers) and got ahead 38-31. In the last 5 minutes of this game Jay Cutler (Denver's Quarterback) dropped the ball when the referee had blown the whistle. The referee admitted that he made a mistake but Denver got to keep the ball anyway. (really had to see this to understand what happened) Denver made a touchdown and against all odds made a 2 point conversion. Denver won 39-38.
My husband has lived here in Arizona 10 years and he announced today he was an official Arizona Cardinals fan. I've lived here in Arizona for 8 years. I don't think I can "give up" the Broncos like he did the St. Louis Rams. I root for the Arizona Cardinal, sure! But... I am wearing my orange and blue.
By the way, Thank You Ed Hochuli, the referee.

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